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Armbian shows ~1GB out of 2GB

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I am running Armbian on x96 mini with S905W chip. There are four K4B2G0446D chips which from data sheet is 512MB each. The only DTB's files that work for me are `meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb` and `meson-gxl-s905w-tx3-mini.dtb`.


  • Is there a way to validated for sure if I have 2GB of RAM?
  • Is there other dtb files for the 2GB variant?





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8 hours ago, usual user said:

Software that lies about true hardware specifications is nothing new. Even in this forum there are many repetitive posts about this topic.


yeah, it seems to be the norm in these units. I installed Android CPU-z from an independent source. It never occurred to me that someone would go to that extent to modify the Android kernel to report false memory sizes. My local yard sale had a few of these units on sale, and I was about to buy a few for a mini cluster project. I am glad I didn't rush it.

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