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Chromium keep asking for consent when doing a search on google, have to re-login after restarting chromium ....

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Every time I stop and then start Chromium, do a search on google, or on youtube, there seems to be a deletion of the cookies, and it asks consent again, login again ....

I found lots of possible  solutions on internet about that issue, but none work for me!

I wonder what this is due to, any ideas?

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You probably already disabled the automatic deletion in the Chromium settings...

It could be a website setting in Chromium

Because of automatic login? Although I think this only affects access to the the keyring


No user rights to the cookies folder:

sudo chown -R username:username ~/.config/chromium


Some flag set in Chromium: chrome://flags or at /etc/chromium-browser/default 


Otherwise just remove it with apt purge ... and check if everything is deleted and reinstall.


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I created a new user and it works fine with it.

Then I inpected the user not working and noticed:

   - the .config/chromium is a link to /run/user/1000/tony-chromium

   - df command is showing:

 tmpfs             787428    20416    767012   3% /run/user/1000
overlaid          787428    20416    767012   3% /run/user/1000/chromium-chromium


What is this /run/user/1000 ? It seems to be a temporary directory, thus a good reason what I seem to loose cookies.

Of course for the user working there is no such link for .config/chromium


Waiting forward for some light on this setup that was not made by me!


I removed the link .config/chromium   rerun chromium, and no issue anymore.


thanks again.

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