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Mali GPU vulnerabilities


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Been hearing some news lately about some pretty big ARM Mali GPU vulnerabilities. Old boards could be affected, including ones that are not maintained.




https://developer.arm.com/Arm Security Center/Mali GPU Driver Vulnerabilities




I have a Rockchip RK3399 that may also be affected by this. Can Armbian do anything to help mitigate this problem? A handful of boards use these GPUs.

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Ah, I see. Aren't there some Mali GPUs that will not run without the FOSS drivers? If it's only the drivers and not the underlying firmware, then the Mesa drivers should be fine.


I'm also not using the graphical desktop, just the console. Maybe that's safer to use?


Though reading here - https://wiki.debian.org/MaliGraphics


Looks like it is possible to ship either user space drivers (Mesa) as well as kernel drivers. Gotta figure out which ones Armbian are using for which boards. And some may still have blobs for the drivers. So I guess it's up to everyone to figure out if they are using the completely free Mesa ones, or not.



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