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None of the images work.. OrangePi Zero2

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12 hours ago, Gunjan Gupta said:

Yeah speaking from personal experience, he didn't meant to offend you. He uses an online translator so I guess if message appeared rude, that is not his fault. He was only trying to help


FTDI232 and FT232 is actually the same thing. its just printed differently on different chips. But as I said before, anyone of the adapters will be fine. Some boards require to communicate at very high speed and thats when generally we have to be careful in choosing the uart adapter. But this board uses standard 115200 bps rate. So any adapter can handle it.

Well, I don't see how a translator could have messed that as it's simple sentence construction, but I sleep the same at night 😂

Coming back to the reason I need that UART adapter... same thing happens on a debian OPi official image. This does not happen on a server (no desktop) version. So i guess if I want to use DWservice on a desktop I would a virtual monitor dongle..

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53 минуты назад, highlander0681 сказал:

Well, I don't see how a translator could have messed that as it's simple sentence construction,

You won't believe it, but sometimes it seems to me that artificial intelligence begins to mock my messages.

I apologize.


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On 2/4/2024 at 2:08 PM, Gunjan Gupta said:

If you can use a smart power socket for controling power remotely, I will highly recommend to use the same.

Look what gem I found. I ordered one for 2.5 EUR :) Much smaller than the bulky smart sockets. And I see it has very good reviews.



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This being cheap actually makes sense. Most of the photos shows its usb to usb. So no ac to dc conversion required, no need try implementing something like quck charge support or something. That will leave it with just requiring a male usb port, a female usb port, a led, a button, a relay (or who knows may be its simply using a transistor inside) and most likely a esp8285 module. All of those costs only few cents.


I personally won't mind buying it as long as I can easily open it to replace it firmware. Would most likely replace it with zephyr or micropython or nodemcu and put it back together. That way I would know for sure I am not installing a backdoor into my network.

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