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Android Auto Wireless smart box - what's inside?


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Recently I've bought small box which is kind if "wireless interface" for wired AA: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006001314624.html

It works quite nicely with my Ford S-Max but I'm very curious man and got it open (aka teardown). Chips cannot be identified, they lack any marks. But there is DEBUG UART :)

First I connected it into my PC. Removable disk appeared with a few files that keeps my phone's BT address and such information. Nothing really interesting.

Then I powered up device when holding the button, it didn't start but went into some "flashing mode" I think - it was identified as USB\VID_1F3A&PID_EFE8 which means sunxi SoC OTG connector in FEL/flashing mode as far as I could google it. So Allwinner inside?

At last I soldered pins to UART but I got only "U-Boot(01/24/2024)" and nothing more 😕 It doesn't react to keybord at all.


I'm not experienced in "hacking" such ARM things, so maybe someone has any idea how to break booting and get into some console? Any idea what could I do to get into OS? :)




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