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  1. umiddelb

    Booting a rt preempt patched kernel

    IMHO there is no way to implement any kind of interaction when running a boot script. I've ended up defining a set of u-boot macros which I run on the interactive console, eg `run _t´ to boot a test kernel `run _2' to boot from the second partition of the (default) boot device For the ODROID N1 we're discussing to potential use of petitboot due to the current u-boot limitations.
  2. The kernel headers are part of the archive (via `make headers_install´).
  3. I never got a chance to try mainline kernel. It wasn't stable enough to complete the process to change it. Did you try to prepare the storage device you are using for the espressobin on a different device (e.g. another notebook/pc running linux)? I'm using a slightly different kernel for my espressobin, you can download a precompiled image here (but you need to move the kernel image / dtb files to the right place, since I'm using a different directory layout).
  4. Thank you, works like a charm.
  5. You may try with this config . It might be the case that ptp support isn't enabled by default.
  6. umiddelb

    New forum UI!!

    No, the update didn't have an impact. This is something I'm missing for a longer time. The RSS feed itself is working like before.
  7. umiddelb

    New forum UI!!

    I must admit, that the Armbian forum isn't the only forum that I visit regularly. Therefore I'm aggregating various forum posts as RSS feed via feedly. @Igor If you have the time you might check the forum RSS export function. RSS feeds from other forums contain additional metadata, like the author's nickname or real name.
  8. umiddelb

    A64 and the 3.10 kernel

    The last mainline kernel for the Pine64 which I can confirm to run is 4.13-rc7.
  9. umiddelb

    How to build your own kernel?
  10. Kernel version 4.16.0 contains the necessary parts for cpu frequency scaling.
  11. Choosing the root device partition by its UUID only works when you boot via an intermediate initrd.
  12. It's the stored u-boot environment. You might consider to load the Armbian defaults for the espressobin.
  13. You need to modify `rootdev´, not `root´. `set_bootargs´ is never called. (The u-boot environment isn't in a good shape)
  14. umiddelb

    Can't Install MongoDB on Cubietruck 3

    I'm running the unifi controller package on top of ubuntu xenial, not debian stretch.
  15. You can hardwire the partition to boot the userland from by its UUID, e.g. root=UUID=cc255a80-136b-4c36-9bba-2dd32fa5d750 instead of root=/dev/sda1 You need to modify bootargs environment variable either by modifying it directly or by facilitating the Armbian way of booting and editing /boot/armbianEnv.txt # sudo blkid tells you which UUID belongs to which partition.