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  1. Because everything lower than 480 trashes SD card performance, as@tkaiser wrote a few times.
  2. 16GB Evo fails more easily than 32/64GB. I had 2 of them failed after 6-12 months, replaced with 32GB version that lasts longer.
  3. I'm just getting error starting watchdog service on OPI2 Ubuntu Bionic 4.14.70 like Cannot open /dev/watchdog (errno = 16 = 'Device or resource busy'). rufik@farmer:~$ sudo systemctl status watchdog ● watchdog.service - watchdog daemon Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/watchdog.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Thu 2018-10-11 10:52:08 CEST; 15s ago Process: 17410 ExecStopPost=/bin/sh -c [ $run_wd_keepalive != 1 ] || false (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Process: 17436 ExecStart=/bin/sh -c [ $run_watchdog != 1 ] || exec /usr/sbin/watchdog $watchdog_options (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 17433 ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c [ -z "${watchdog_module}" ] || [ "${watchdog_module}" = "none" ] || /sbin/modprobe $watchdog_module (code=exited, status= Main PID: 17438 (watchdog) CGroup: /system.slice/watchdog.service └─17438 /usr/sbin/watchdog Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: starting daemon (5.14): Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: int=3s realtime=yes sync=no soft=no mla=0 mem=0 Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: ping: no machine to check Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: file: no file to check Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: pidfile: no server process to check Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: interface: no interface to check Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: temperature: no sensors to check Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: test=none(0) repair=none(0) alive=/dev/watchdog heartbeat=none to=root no_act=no force=no Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer watchdog[17438]: cannot open /dev/watchdog (errno = 16 = 'Device or resource busy') Oct 11 10:52:08 farmer systemd[1]: Started watchdog daemon. But /dev/watchdog seems not to be opened: rufik@farmer:~$ sudo fuser -v /dev/watchdog rufik@farmer:~$ sudo lsof /dev/watchdog I have disabled wd_keepalive deamon - is it really required to run? Or just excludes with watchdog daemon?
  4. rufik

    change commit setting when using hdd?

    What commit interval do you advise for kernel 4.14.y using btrfs? Default (5 sec) or just armbian's default 600 sec? I've just migrated to Transcend TS32GMTS400S SSD + USB UASP adapter (ASM1351) via nand-sata-install option...
  5. rufik

    OPi Zero does not get an IP address

    Since I got rid of network manager (configured in old good way) my SBC connection is rock solid. Network Manager is not reliable somehow...
  6. I've already checked - firewall is disabled all the time, because OPI PC is inside my LAN. Nmap show open ports 22, 8123 (HomeAssistant), 3306 (MySQL) and so on. But every service accepts TCP connection and does not respond at all, terminating connection after some timeout. Sshd accepts connection, asks for password and hangs...until timeout. Ping works So it looks like some OS internal problem, maybe with memory and spawning processes/threads? That's why I'd like to try out watchdog.
  7. My OPI PC (mainline kernel) just freezes from time to time, it respond to ping but I cannot ssh into it (waiting forever for session then disconnects), services does not respond also. It looks like some OOM or similar problems, I cannot check it via serial console because it's remote location. So I thought that watchdog would be nice there, just to reset board in such cases.
  8. How is your watchdog doing? Does it work reliable over the time?
  9. I've just played with compilation a little bit and 4.18.y is selected when BRANCH="dev" is set. But script does not take KERNELTAG or KERNELBRANCH variables into account when set up in config-default.conf. Let's play with 4.18.7 kernel a little bit...:)
  10. I saw bionic image for download, so I thought I would build my customized image for OPI PC based on Ubuntu Bionic and 4.18.y kernel, so I have some questions: 1. Is Bionic fully stable/supported for OPI PC? 2. Is kernel 4.18.y supported? Is it sufficient to set KERNELTAG="v4.18.7" to build it? Or I just has to stick with 4.17.y?
  11. rufik

    EMMC vs SSD - durability and speed

    So SSD with SMART + JMS578 adapter is going to be the best choice. I could use it with OPI PC right now and easily migrate to USB 3.0 when needed. What about splitting rootfs into read-only SD card and all data & logs into SSD? It should give me long life of SD card and fast storage capabilites...does it make sense? Is anyone already using such setup or?
  12. rufik

    EMMC vs SSD - durability and speed

    Anyone made random IO benchmarks comparing USB 2.0 and 3.0 adapter? Maybe these 100-200 SQL queries per minute does not require supa-speed? I don't think I need native M.2 slot that costs me $110. I'd like to stick with $50 tag price...
  13. I'd like to migrate from SD card Samsung Evo+ to something more durable (I'm running home assistant automation on OPI PC now, mariadb, influx, etc, many writes per minute). I think that I have only two options: go with SBC with EMMC or just buy cheap 32/64 GB SSD with USB adapter. What do you think, which option gives me better durability? Can I assume that EMMC is really durable comparing to SD card? Is USB 2.0 adapter as fast as EMMC?
  14. 1.20 is perfectly fine [emoji3]
  15. rufik

    Mini handheld linux console :)

    I just realized that best option would be big cheap old smartphone with small full qwerty keyboard (BT or USB) - all together fitted into 3D printed case. Something like BB Key/Passport [emoji16] but under $100 possible.