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  1. How is your watchdog doing? Does it work reliable over the time?
  2. I've just played with compilation a little bit and 4.18.y is selected when BRANCH="dev" is set. But script does not take KERNELTAG or KERNELBRANCH variables into account when set up in config-default.conf. Let's play with 4.18.7 kernel a little bit...:)
  3. I saw bionic image for download, so I thought I would build my customized image for OPI PC based on Ubuntu Bionic and 4.18.y kernel, so I have some questions: 1. Is Bionic fully stable/supported for OPI PC? 2. Is kernel 4.18.y supported? Is it sufficient to set KERNELTAG="v4.18.7" to build it? Or I just has to stick with 4.17.y?
  4. rufik

    EMMC vs SSD - durability and speed

    So SSD with SMART + JMS578 adapter is going to be the best choice. I could use it with OPI PC right now and easily migrate to USB 3.0 when needed. What about splitting rootfs into read-only SD card and all data & logs into SSD? It should give me long life of SD card and fast storage capabilites...does it make sense? Is anyone already using such setup or?
  5. rufik

    EMMC vs SSD - durability and speed

    Anyone made random IO benchmarks comparing USB 2.0 and 3.0 adapter? Maybe these 100-200 SQL queries per minute does not require supa-speed? I don't think I need native M.2 slot that costs me $110. I'd like to stick with $50 tag price...
  6. I'd like to migrate from SD card Samsung Evo+ to something more durable (I'm running home assistant automation on OPI PC now, mariadb, influx, etc, many writes per minute). I think that I have only two options: go with SBC with EMMC or just buy cheap 32/64 GB SSD with USB adapter. What do you think, which option gives me better durability? Can I assume that EMMC is really durable comparing to SD card? Is USB 2.0 adapter as fast as EMMC?
  7. 1.20 is perfectly fine [emoji3]
  8. rufik

    Mini handheld linux console :)

    I just realized that best option would be big cheap old smartphone with small full qwerty keyboard (BT or USB) - all together fitted into 3D printed case. Something like BB Key/Passport [emoji16] but under $100 possible.
  9. I didn't test directly your value (1.20), I set it to 2.0 because of my customization I'm preparing - it works fine. I suppose it should be OK.
  10. I was thinking about buying small handheld with keyboard that could be used for small linux terminal, for some quick administrative & diagnostic work (login here, login there, put some commands, see webpage for help, etc). Something inexpensive with small qwerty keyboard. Something like PocketCHIP or this DYI on RPI Has anyone found or did such a thing? I wonder if I could use OPI/NanoPi/similar with 5-7 inch LCD (3:2 screen would be best IMHO), keyboard and LiPo battery from mobile, put it into 3-D printed case and run Armbian Desktop
  11. Yup, midnight commander via apt-get Thanks, I just found this place to be adjusted.
  12. I've just tried to build my custom image for OPI 2 but got into some trouble with space: I'm not really short of root fs space. It looks like /dev/loop12p1 lacks of free space. Why? Should I adjust this loop device size somehow? I'm building on Ubuntu 18.04.
  13. I have OPI 2 running latest armbian mainline with MQTT broker and home assistant only. And I've started to experience hard freezes that only power re-plug helps :/ At first I thought that only networking was gone, but I've triggered hearbeat on red onboard led and this led is just stopping blinking on freezes. I've even got rid of Network Manager and setup iface in old good way via /etc/networking/interfaces. Then I've connected to serial console, run minicom in screen with logging to file. Just to see if serial console would show some kernel panic or so...but nothing, no output on serial console. Anyone experienced such behaviour? How to debug it? My second sbc - OPI PC - just started doing the same...irregular freezes. Output from armianmonitor:
  14. rufik

    Problem with logging in via Taptalk

    Nice, thanks a lot
  15. Anyone experienced problem with logging in via Tapatalk? Neither "tapatalk linked account" nor standard login+pwd option works for me, see error on screenshot. I'm using Tapatalk app v7.4.2 right now. Maybe tapatalk forum plugin needs to be upgraded?