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Request access to Jira

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Was trying to follow the https://www.armbian.com/participate/ page instructions to get access to Jira, but the link just takes me to Jira and tells me that I don't have access.


No option to request access on that page, just "[username] doesn't have access to Jira on armbian.atlassian.net."


Does the participate page need updates? Or should I just try to work off of github issues only?


Feel free to direct me to the right place


if it matters, I would potentially be helping with some nanopi devices, have several r2s and r2s plus - the r2s plus needs some work i think.

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Actually the forums are what you want to follow.  The forums are the board issue logging system.  Github issues are only for build system issues.  If the r2s and r2s plus are boards you can help with (they are community maintained and don't have any Armbian staff support). You can fix issues on them and submit PRs to improve them.

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