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Boot from SD or EMMC


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Hi there,

I have been using a nanopi m4v2 for openmediavault for 4 years. In that time my SD card has died once. Now I have ordered an emmc module to do a full clean install of my server.

So my questions are, is it wise to boot from the SD card and have the system on the emmc because the sd card can die faster?

And if I boot from the SD card and it needs to be replaced, can I just insert a new one and everything will work as before? (With a freshly installed Armbian)

If I do a backup of the emmc with win32 disk imager, can I burn the backup to a new emmc with a different sd-card as boot?

When I do an armbian install, does it copy the system files to the emmc each time?


Thanks and Greetings!


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