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Wifi On Minix Neo U22xj?


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This is an Android TV box using the 922 chipset. Under Android, I have been using stock firmware but also recall trying that from the Ugoos AM6.


I have managed to get it to boot using u-boot-s905x2-s922. I have tried several of the DTB files starting with the g12b prefix. I had initial high hopes that the one for the Ugoos would work. And it did boot all the way into the desktop (I have auto-login enabled) but the mouse would not move nor would the keyboard respond. Since then I have tried many others - still working my way through them all one-by-one. And I have found some (gtking-pro.dtb, gsking-x.dtb) that appear to work pretty "normally" (not that I am sure it is all totally normal). But so far, in no case does the wifi work at all. Ethernet seems fine for the most part.


But so far, no wifi - at all. Somewhere, I thought I saw something about Broadcomm and I also seem to recall seeing that Broadcomm drivers can be a problem - at least in 3rd party router firmware. So I wonder if anyone has managed to get wifi working on one of these devices?



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Thanks. I was not aware of that. I am amazed and glad that wifi works on my Tronsmart Vega S95 Telos with the S905 chipset. That's where I really needed it. The Minix was just an experiment.

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