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Issue with PWM on Orange PI 5 Plus with Armbian

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Dear Armbian Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am encountering an issue with PWM on my Orange PI 5 Plus running Armbian. Despite my attempts, I am unable to utilize PWM via GPIO pins. Upon navigating to /sys/class/pwm, I can only see the pin designated for controlling the fan. The PWM pins on the GPIO are not visible.

I have successfully controlled GPIO pins using WiringPi and Go Lang Periph libraries; however, when attempting to use PWM via GPIO, I encounter the following error:



pwm is not supported via sysfs


I have also checked the “hardware setup” screen in armbian-config, where I can see two hardware components listed, but PWMs are not among them.

For your reference, here is the output of armbianmonitor -U: https://paste.armbian.com/uvejirijen.yaml


I would greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance on how to resolve this issue and enable PWM functionality on my Orange PI 5 Plus. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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@Kemal You need to activate them by enabling the correct pwm. See /boot/dtb/rockchip/overlay/

Add the one(s) you need to /boot/armbianEnv.txt at overlays=

For example:


overlays=pwm1-m1 pwm2-m1


You can find the right pwm numbers in the manual

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Dear @royk,

Thank you very much for your prompt response and assistance! Your suggestion indeed helped me resolve the issue with PWM on my Orange PI 5 Plus.

I also wanted to mention that I am using the Go Lang Periph library, and the error message “pwm is not supported via sysfs” originates from the library itself, indicating that PWM functionality has not been implemented. A clearer error message such as “not implemented” would have been more helpful.


Once again, I truly appreciate your help in resolving this matter.

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