HDMI Color to much saturation

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Did someone else notice the the color saturation is to high on HDMI if a Video is played?

Test video watch temperature of CPU and add a heatsink! May be the is an option for HDMI to change this?

Especially Faces in normal TV shows are far to red.

DISPLAY=:0 mpv --vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau --hwdec-codecs=all --fs http://ow.ly/10tB0C

Olso interesting would be to know how smooth the VIDEO rans is far to slow in ma case.  




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I noticed this long ago, but it's not that obvious i think. You can always change saturation level in mpv - --saturation=<-100-100>. Last time i checked it's worked, but it was on A20 (different sunxi-vdpau version). I remember there where some work about these default values, because video was too dark for A20 version of sunxi-vdpau and tweaking saturation actually make it bright, before brightness levels was fixed.

About video, you can try something else, not just Big Buck Bunny. For some reason this test video is not smooth in some builds (not using h/w acceleration), while working fine in others. You can check terminal messages about what decoder is used. If it's sunxi-vdpau, it have to be fine.

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