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Siano Mobile Silicon - Armbian

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I'm tempted to load the Siano Mobile Silicon driver (TV adapter) into the Orange Pi PC more I'm not getting.

I have performed the following procedures already:
I put it in the / lib / firmware folder: isdbt_rio.inp

I configured the smsmdtv.conf file (options smsmdtv default_mode = 4) in the /etc/modprobe.d/ folder

I installed firmware-siano-rio_1.0_all.deb (sudo dpkg -i firmware-siano-rio_1.0_all.deb)

Has anyone already set up the siano drive on linux?

Thank you very much


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Support for this device was not enabled in the kernel. It will be present in the next stable release or in manually built kernels and images.

Please note that this doesn't mean that this device will surely work since we can't test it and we can't provide support for 3rd party hardware that we don't own.

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13 minutes ago, Rafael Wilmar Hoffmann said:

I understand, how to recompile the kernel for version 3.10?

It's not possible. Orange Pi PC and other H3 devices curently can run either kernel 3.4 ("default" Armbian branch) or latest mainline 4.x ("dev" Armbian branch for expert users and developers, provided with minimal support)

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