How do I configure Orange PI Zero to TV via AV cable?

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Cant' exactly understand your question. Do you want to use the "TV OUT"?


If yes, you have to add "tv" on the /etc/modules file and reboot.


Do not forget: it is RCA or "composite" signal: usually on a TV the yellow RCA connector is for composite signal, the white for left audio channel and the red for right audio channel.


Use an RCA connector and get tvout from pin 9 and GROUND from where you want.


Use "tv" or "AV" or "Audio Video" on your TV. 


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Or buy the cheap "hat", also breaks out other stuff for you, then you can use a jack-plug-to-AV which they also sell cheap.. I hacked an old cable to connect ground and pin nine (on 13-pin header, pin 1 is close to usb.. 2 is ground - Pinout picture ) as above said (also 7&8 +grounds to audio although current screen doesnt support it..)... 



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