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Orange Pi One bootlooping with current armbian



I just updated two Orange Pi One boards and rebooted them to get to the new kernel only to have them boot loop.


I know, development, not supported. :)  I'm not asking for a solution, I'm just alerting people to the situation so they can avoid messing up their boxes.


Console log attached if you're curious.


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Forgot to mention the purpose of the attached file.
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Okay, one of them--that I was using for SPI testing--has:


The second Orange Pi One has the same config.  I'm going to pull the spi overlay and see if that changes anything.


I have an up to date Orange Pi PC which is H3 based and it rebooted fine after the recent update.  Would that be sufficient?  If not, can you point me to one you would like me to test?  The https://dl.armbian.com/orangepione/ directory doesn't seem to have anything new in it.

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Okay, I put the changes back in and rebooted.  It works just fine.  I haven't verified functionality of SPI, though.  Kernel log says:

[    9.546118] spidev spi0.0: probing from DT


So, it looks like it's working.  Need to me do anything else?

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