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Overview of your devices? - COCKPIT

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in opposite to eg. Webmin does Cockpit edit just like you would in the configuration files. So it doesn't matter if you do any changes via SSH or via Cockpit.
It is pretty neat to view your devices, see whether they run smooth or if one is going mad ;)


If you grab it from their website you get the latest and greatest (updates pushed weekly) but the easy way is:
apt update && apt-get install cockpit (available since Ubuntu 16.04, needs systemd). I got Version 151.

On the tinker board mainline the download was only about 1750Kb, the server side is written in C and in your browser it runs with Javascript and such.

Just like he said, once you logout it no longer puts load on your CPU.

I learned about it here: https://twit.tv/shows/floss-weekly/episodes/440?autostart=false
Stef also mentions a blogpost about security: http://stef.thewalter.net/is-cockpit-secure.html


The Website of the Red Hat project is at: http://cockpit-project.org/

I wonder what else beside the standard interface you can get visible - it looks like a nice supplement to RPi-Monitor which you can install with armbianmonitor -r




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