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Hello, guys,


may I ask you to fix the code below so that I can put my custom "sun6i.conf" file into "userpatches/sources/" ?

Currently your code makes it impossible because LINUXFAMILY variable is forcibly set to "sunxi" in sunxi_common.inc file.

What you can easily do is introducing a new variable so that one can know that LINUXFAMILY was overwritten.




[[ ! -f $SRC/config/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf ]] && \
        exit_with_error "Sources configuration not found" "$LINUXFAMILY"

source $SRC/config/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf

if [[ -f $SRC/userpatches/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf ]]; then
        display_alert "Adding user provided $LINUXFAMILY overrides"
        source $SRC/userpatches/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf




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