Anyone here runs Kodi on OPi PC without problems?

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I got an Orange Pi PC with Armbian Ubuntu Desktop installed. It runs perfectly fine. 1080p resolution, sound, ethernet, browsing, what-have you. It can even play x265 videos flawlessly (which is why I got it for as my RPi3 can't). Highest temp is 46C so far (with or without a heat sink and no fan).


Anyway, I've updated and upgraded and then installed Kodi. My media is on my NAS, so I input my SMB info, and it connects fine. But as it reads the media, Kodi just shuts off on its own. No crash report or anything. It just closes and I'm back on the desktop. Re-opening it starts Kodi up for a sec and then closes itself. Deleting the user folder under a Kodi directory fixes the crashing, but after having Kodi read up my media again, it crashes yet again seconds later.


It seems to be a database issue, maybe? Does anyone use Kodi here?

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