How to control an infrared YS-IRTM module send/receive



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Hi all,

I'm trying to understand how to make an infrared tx/rx module working.


This is the module:


Is there a way to make this works in userspace?

Overlays? From the docs I was only able to understand how to enable existing overlays.

I enabled cir, this is from my armbianEnv.txt:

overlays=cir i2c0

but I don't know how to configure pins: which is rx which tx.

Do I need to write down a new/custom overlay?


I think that configuring pins is crucial to enable IR communication at some level but I don't know how and where.


In the OPi0 world seems like all IR is about the expansion board which I don't have and I don't need because what's important to me is to send IR signal, more than receiving.


Last but not least I found this: which is pyA20 powered and so root dependent and I would like to find a rootless solution, if possible.


Please, can someone point me in some direction?


thank you very much and pardon me for being such a newbie asshole ;)

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