lime 2 problem after replacing the sd card



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Hello. this is my first post. I was looking through the forum but I did not find a similar problem. About power supply - until now I did not have any problems, I use a computer power supply.


After a few months of non-use of my device, I downloaded an updated, latest version (Armbian_5.38_Lime2_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop) to an old, previously functioning card. When I connected the device, it did not turn on. I tried to turn it on manually, but nothing happened except the short flash on the connected mouse. A while ago, I uploaded an older desktop version to NAND. I used the sd card to start up. Is it possible that this older version loaded on NAND causes problems? On the other card, I uploaded the latest debian server version but it did not succeed.


Any suggestions?


Best regards and thank you in advance, Damijan

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