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The purpose of this subforum


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This is the "Board Bring Up" subforum.


New threads should be created here by people who have the intention to add official Armbian support for a new board.

Clarification: this is not a subforum for requesting support for a new device or asking when/if a new device will get the support.

Clarification: official support is possible only if one or more members of the core team have this device, in other cases it is still possible to add a community supported configuration (CSC).


  • The device in question should be available for buying by anybody (except shipping/export limitations), even if in small quantities or in a BTO queue. Please do not ask for "official support" for a private/custom designed board.
  • Requests for new devices without the intention to contribute to the Armbian build framework should not be posted here.

Clarification: if you are posting a new thread here we can assume that you already tried to integrate support for this device into the Armbian build script and you already got a bootable image based on Armbian.

  • Please check the build script sources for a list of supported, community supported and discontinued devices first.
  • Raspberry Pi family will not be supported.
  • TV boxes in general will not be supported by the core Armbian team.


Currently there is no "Board Bring Up" template or checklist, please check the recent topics.

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