4-digit LED (TM1637) library for Armbian + Linux

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I just released a new C library for communicating with those inexpensive 4-digit 7-segment LED displays:




They can run on 3.3V or 5V and draw between 1 and 15mA depending on the brightness setting. I purchased mine from an AliExpress vendor for 68 cents each with free shipping.

They use a custom 2-wire communications protocol and must be "bit-banged" from 2 GPIO pins. In my demo, I assign pins 38 and 40 on my Orange Pi Lite.



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First at all, thank you for this.

Orange Pi +2e + Armbian Debian GNU/Linux 10.

When i run demo i have this error:

Unrecognized board type, aborting...
Problem initializing ArmbianIO library

Pins connected to +5Vcc, pins 3 (SDA) y 5 (SCL).

What i'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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