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improve XFCE experience

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As I recently wrote I started to use the desktop with armbian.

Two obvious missing things puzzle me, but that maybe as not many are using it:

  • xserver restart (ctrl + alt+ backspace) key kombination is missing
    disabled by default, go to >settings>session & startup>autostart and add: "setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"
    can this be added into a config file of XFCE as a standard?
    The other options that are available for setxkbmap "-option X" are determined by /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst
  • Text Editior - the only text editor available...  LibreOffice :huh:  
    Lubuntu - leafpad Geany serves both light weight Editor with an Integrated Development Environment
    Xubuntu - mousepad (missing)
    Ubuntu MATE - pluma
  • Document Viewer: Atril is a simple multi-page document viewer
  • Why is there Thunderbird ? updates of this 50Mb Software is a ressource hog, not the mention LibreOffice..


Software Boutique  - is on board. If somebody really needs Thunderbird can install it this way. I can also uninstall it this way - I just would like to start the discussion.

Of course you could say, well it is just plain Ubuntu, BUT Ubuntu runs on X86 hardware and these 'development' board have a little bit a different approach - in my humle opinion.

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added Geany & Atril

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I've been using Linux desktops on a vast number of physical and virtual systems from enterprise to dinky toys, standardizing on plain Debian and LXDE for robust and stable systems. The LXDE-desktop uses even less ressources than XFCE and is particularly suited for small boards. The choice of desktop ( XFCE ) and Ubuntu bloat are somewhat contrary to the idea of Armbian as a lean and robust distribution. If your seriously interested in Linux desktops opt for the real thing and set up a lightning fast LXDE desktop based on Debian stable. In combination with x2go terminal server you'll experience a vastly superior and universal desktop world.

Enjoy !

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On 20.3.2018 at 11:20 PM, rodolfo said:

a lightning fast LXDE desktop

With tinker board the speed is quite good.

The points I mentioned above are 'Papercuts'  if this stuff isn't done - the firsttime user will experience some frustrations if the desktop crashes for example - xserver restart (ctrl + alt+ backspace) should work out of the box.

I would be interesting how it performs on a BPi-M2Plus or the BPi-R1 with an A20, but first the Papercuts


Papercuts are fast to fix, but annoying "bugs".

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One Hundred Papercuts/Mission


I guess there are some more Papercuts I haven't found


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