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Connecting to WXGA Sharp TV via VGA cable (SOLVED)

Pasha Ram


Hello Everyone!

Need your help to difficult task.


I'm a newbie to micro-computers.

Recently installed Armbian on Orange Pi PC Plus (H3), but can't connect to a TVusing HDMI-VGA adapter. Get just black screen, but once got a pink image (as in attachment). That HDMI-VGA adapter works well with notebook and shows picture on this TV. However, this adapter works well with Orange Pi and my Iiyama computer monitor in VGA mode. 


So, i completely dont understand why Orange Pi not working especially with my Sharp TV. Native resolution of TV is WXGA (1360x768).


I tried many resolutions and got black screens, but in XGA (1024x768) resolution i got pink screen (see image).


Thanks for your help!


UPD: Solution was in changing the hdmi-vga adapter to another. Works only in XGA resolution now.



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