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[sunxi / dkms / kernel only upgrade] my script: remove .reboot_required and compile linux-headers for ARM


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FYI, I need a DKMS module to be reloaded after I upgrade the Armbian kernel files with "dpkg -i *.deb"


so the following snippet:

- remove /tmp/.reboot_required

- compile any header files for scripts

- add my favorite frandom-dkms module

gr@bpi:/armbian_kernel$ cat mod_noreboot.sh

#sudo rm /tmp/.reboot_required
#pushd .
#for f in $(ls -d /usr/src/linux-headers-*-sunxi)
#        cd $f
#        sudo make scripts
sudo dpkg -i frandom-dkms_1.1-0centrych4_armhf.deb

Edited by wildcat_paris
with never build most of the script is no longer needed
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