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move home on sd card


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I guess you can make a symbolic link, a shortcut from your home folder that points t te SD card.

Note that you'll have to delete your home folder before running the command.
If you do not delete ir beforehand, you'll end up with a folder like this: /home/home

ln -s /home [YOUR SD CARD PATH]


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Hello, thank you for the answer but I managed it thanks to this method (4.2 section of this web page -French Ubuntu site - : https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/tutoriel/deplacer_home )


Copy the contents of the current / home into the new:

     sudo rsync -av /home/ /new.home


Check for security the contents of the future / home:

     ls -la /new.home

Then change the name of the old / home to /old.home:

     sudo mv /home /old.home

Restart Disk-Manager to assign the new mount point / home to the sdaX partition

Restart the computer. The new / home is mounted and in use.

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