Solved Networking in OrangePi PC

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I copied the system from http://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pcto a 8GB SD and installed it in OrangePi PC, which works OK withe some other distros.

- No connection with SSH

- No visual (The card HDMI might be broken. No visual with Raspbian either)

- The LED lights up abt. 10sec after power-on on the board as well as the LEDs by RJ45 connector

Tested with bot Jessie and Trusty.


I inserted the Trusty card to my Linux Mint 17.3 laptop and edited /etc/network/interface.default. There is only local, no eth0.

I wrote static address mantra there and tested, but no go.

Fdisk told there is only one partition on the card starting from 2048.


- Checked with ping and "nmap --ttl 1 -sP" in my laptop, but no OrangePi board in my home LAN, only my servers, printers etc

Got to try with dynamic IP.


Too tired to continue now. Next try abt. 18h from now.

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Before you start to think about trying to tweak network settings please accept that something else went wrong. If Armbian boots you get a SSH console. The only exception: When you chose an OS image for Orange Pi Plus and use it on any other Orange Pi variant or something went wrong at the first boot regarding H3 board auto detection (you can read about in the original thread and better use the link below since it points you more directly to an explanation of the problem)


What you should look for instead is:

  • Serial console available (this will save you huge amounts of time since you see what's going on)
  • To which file /boot/script.bin is linked to (that might be the culprit), see the H3 Mini FAQ where it's about wrong detection of Orange Pi 2
  • SD card really ok?
  • Armbian 5.05 (where lots of stuff is fixed)
  • the other thread since your issue is most likely well known in the meantime (please be aware that 5.04 is still a test version)
TL;DR: It seems that for whatever reasons board auto detection fails and network doesn't come up (physically -- without the correct definition in a so called fex file you can't even "reach" the hardware so everything you tweak in Debian/Ubuntu is totally useless). The only way to fix this is to relink script.bin to orangepipc.bin.

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