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Cheapest 64bits eMMC Gigabit Ethernet 1GB RAM supported board

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as I have trouble with aging SDCards, I was thinking of getting a new SBC with eMMC (I already have Odroid XU4, but it's not cheap).
I'm pretty happy with OrangePi Zero, but would love to find a SBC with a 64bits SoC, Gigabit Ethernet, 1GB of RAM (as 512MB implies swapping for my use case) and eMMC.

OrangePi have the 3G-IOT (which is only 512MB) and 4G-IOT, but they are not supported, and I don't fancy all the gizmos that are on these boards.

NanoPi M1+ almost fits the bill, but it's a 32bits SoC.

NanoPi K1+ is almost perfect, but it's pricey (and has 2GB of RAM, which would not be a problem if it was cheaper).


Any suggestion?


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Thanks @tkaiser. You're right, the use would be the same (gitlab-runner), except that it would build 64bits binaries.

I also thought of using a S912 based TV Box, but I know nothing about its eMMC performances and it looks like it's a pain to install Armbian on these boxes.
I will have a closer look to Rock64, thanks ($35.44 is a nice price tag to start). I will try to find a 2.5' SDD.

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42 minutes ago, gounthar said:



I would never buy a S912 device. Pretty underwhelming 'performance' especially with single threaded applications that land on the wrong cores and the usual Amlogic cheating: https://github.com/ThomasKaiser/sbc-bench/blob/master/Results.md#the-bigger-picture


And if you buy cheap TV boxes it shouldn't be surprising that components inside are also cheap. Same with SSDs BTW ;)

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