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No sound via hdmi port OPiPC+



No sound via the hdmi port to hdmi tv port however I can use headphones with the 3.5 mm audio jack and it works fine.
Not sure if my board is broken either. I just got it. The only image that works with my orange pi pc plus is Armbian Stretch edition. The ones I have tried thus far are armbian xenial multimedia edition, retrorangepi, android 7 from orangepi website they all don't work haven't tried bionic armbian edition though. But that is for another post just thought to mention that.

1. Logs when you can boot the board: armbianmonitor -u

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for mainline kernels based debian stretch or ubuntu bionic

hdmi audio may be in the 4.18 kernel, but i've not yet tried it out


if you want to try those things, you'd need to use the development builds and development kernels


1) apt-get upgrade armbian-config

2) run armbian-config ,  system > nightly

3) switch to alternative kernels and see that it is 4.18


note it may (severely) break what you are currently using, so ideally backup a copy of the image on the sd card say on your host computer

as for me i take some risks, some things are broken but otherwise i've been able to bootup, use most of the things etc

or possibly you may want to wait for the next major release


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