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Purpose:  Discuss displays that at least someone has tested and/or use, particularly touchscreens/strange resolutions/sizes/alternative technologies (DSI, parallel TFT, SPI, etc)

Goal:  Have some kind of "This at least worked with this version at that time" resource.


Over and over people post things like "I have a Waveshare <XX.YY.ZZ> and Armbian can't do what the vendor kernel that uses a crap kernel full of security holes and crusty drivers can".  So, point them here and say:  "By the power of Google, I beseech thee, search!"


And I have some random stuff lying around.


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First up, a screen I bought/risked for a client project needing a touchscreen:



This is a 7" capacitive touch HDMI display with 2 USB ports labelled "touch".  I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what the other one does, I plugged it in as shown in the advertisement pictures and it "just worked", mostly. 


The good:  touch and display work without drivers.

The Bad: Not running it's native resolution of 800x480, but rather 640x480.

The Ugly: it identifies as a 19" display or something.  Will need some tweaking to work perfectly.


Cost is somewhat high, but this is for a project, and the HDMI makes more sense than trying to support a raspberry Pi display on a Tinker or something similar, no special drivers, change SBC's at will.

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