oDroid XU4 - after resizing of partition, cryptroot doesn't work anymore

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hey there,


I'm using an odroid xu4 with the cloudshell 2 with 2 drives in RAID1 and Armbian with Debian 9 Stretch as my OS, built via Vagrant 2 weeks ago.

The /boot partition sits on a sd-card, the OS on the harddrive.

I''ve copied both via dd on both devices(boot an card, rootfs on harddrive), and after the first boot it worked flawlessly, because the boot information uses the UUID, not the /dev path.

After the first boot and configuration of another user and so on, I rebooted the system to let it resize the rootfs to extend it to 2TB, which is the size of the harddrive.



~ # cryptroot-unlock
Error: Timeout reached while waiting for askpass.

But after this, it seems that cryptroot cannot decrypt the rootfs anymore and gives the message above.

If I just use the sd-card it's working as intended, but with much less spacce (32 GB instead of 2TB) and much less speed, so this is not an option.


What can I do, to analyze this error?


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