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Banana Pi Samba performance testing - help

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I hadn't looked at this again until now. 


I started my testing fresh again. Copying to an empty HDD on my windows machine I get 25-30MB/s from the sata connected HDD on my BPi. I get about 18MB/s from a USB2 connected HD on the BPi to the same windows HDD.


Winsat reports that drive as capable of 50 MB/s seq. write.


iperf is showing bandwidth of around 422Mbits/s


hdparm has my sata drive at 90-100 MB/s buffered disk reads.



Looking at those numbers makes me think that the bottleneck is iperf/the network itself.  Network is giving ~40MB/s and samba overhead is dropping that to 25-30?


Let me know if I'm way off in my thinking. Or if the network is the problem is that only a hardware fix or are there software settings to boost the iperf result?

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I had a similar problem with Lime2 running Armbian. With iperf I can get close to 900Mbit/s speed, but when it comes to samba the transfer is around 25-30MB/s.

The one explanation for this is that iperf is running from memory excluding eventual USB and SATA bottlenecks, whereas samba is running via the SATA (or USB).

Second thing is the performance of the ARM processor itself. If you are looking for higher speed then you may easily hit the hardware limits of the ARM board.

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