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Rock64 hw encoding h264 with gstreamer?


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Hi all.

I'm trying to figure out how to use gstreamer to encode h264 video on Rock64 (Rockchip RK3328). I'm using Armbian Bionic 5.60 (stable Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.4.156-rockchip64).

I compiled mpp and gstreamer-rockchip from https://github.com/rockchip-linux  and installed both, but I'm still missing mpph264enc, how do I get that?

gst-inspect-1.0 mpph264enc says: No such element or plugin 'mpph264enc'

Many thanks for reading, any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Better late than never...

I also built gstreamer-rockchip, but I add gstreamer-rockchip-extra.
I now have `mpph264enc`.

sudo  ffmpeg  -f v4l2 -pix_fmt nv12 -s 1920x1080 -r 30 -i /dev/video0 -c:v rawvideo -f rawvideo - | gst-launch-1.0 fdsrc ! 'video/x-raw,format=nv12,width=1920,height=1080,framerate=30/1'! mpph264enc ! filesink location=test1.mp4


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