armbian systemd units?

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What do these explicitly do? 


Which ones can be disabled?


Which ones can interfere with other system mods?


sudo systemctl list-unit-files | grep armb*
armbian-firstrun-config.service            enabled        
armbian-firstrun.service                   disabled       
armbian-hardware-monitor.service           enabled        
armbian-hardware-optimize.service          enabled        
armbian-ramlog.service                     enabled        
armbian-resize-filesystem.service          disabled       
armbian-zram-config.service                enabled      

I've notices that ramlog can be disabled two ways - in the config, or disable the service, others related to if zram-config is installed or not - HW monitor actually doesn't seem to impact things on 5.60+ when running local, other than we see less /var/log stuff (which is ok) - the zram-config-service can get in the way of testing, but generally harmless otherwise.


Just curious as to why?


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For brief info on the services:

head -n3 /lib/systemd/system/armbian*

I've found them not to be necessary but YMMV.


Have a look at the commented scripts in '/usr/lib/armbian' to see which services you might want (or need).

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