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Port multiplier JMB575 usage with USB 3.0 to SATA adapter

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Hi everybody,


bought 1 to 5 port multiplier card from Ali, it's based on JMB575 chip. Is there any posibility (PM firmware) to use JMB575 with USB 3.0 to SATA 3 adapter like hardkernels JMS578. Tried with latest hardkernel JMS578 bridge firmware v173.01.00.01 it recognized only first HDD.


JMB575 Link for reference


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If I had seen this post earlier, I would have replied - but I might as well reply now.


When you use a Port Multiplier, make sure you on the device-side (eg. not the host-side, which points towards your board), use Port 0. Port 0 may be named "Port 3" on those cheap chinese PM boards (eg. on the 3G SATA boards they're named Port 3 - the port in the center of the board.

You can boot from only that port, not from any of the other 4 ports.

Thus if it doesn't work with "Port 3" and it doesn't say "Port 0" anywhere, just try one port at a time, you'll likely find it.

On some of the boards, you'll see some small silkscreen text saying "Master", that also marks the "master port". On the board you link to, the master port is exactly Port 3, which is located in the center of the board. It's very good that your board has a heatsink as well, without it, the IC could overheat and die.


If it was a StarTec PCIe Port Multiplier, it would likely be the same type I have. There are two double SATA connectors and one single connector between the two double-connectors. The single connector is the "master" or "Port 0".


If booting works without a Port Multiplier, then it *should* work with the Port Multiplier - unless the USB3 adapter you're using are completely incompatible with FIS-based Port Multipliers.


Note: I boot my EspressoBIN on its native 6G SATA via a Port Multiplier (both JMB321 and JMB575 works, though using a JMB321 will only allow you to get SATA2 speeds).

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