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  1. Just came across this today (Jan. 12, 2018). This might explain why my CubieBoard2 never started up after a power outage on Christmas Eve 2017 (around 6pm ... 8pm). I wanted to log into my server using SSH. It's located 200 km from where I live, so I don't just go there. It'll cost the price of two CubieBoard2's to get there and back. That means my Armbian torrent server is down for approximately another 5 months. Yesterday, I had another look at the ExpressoBIN and it seems that with a 4x SATA and a USB3.0 Gbit Ethernet (with built-in USB3.0 hub) would be a quite capable server. I know that the ExpressoBIN image is still only in the testing stage, but I'll be quite interested in making the move; especially the day SATA-boot works.
  2. Western Digital PiDrive

    I am aware that they have integrated S-ATA to USB bridge (you know every USB drive has that - unless very old of course). Personally I never had any issues with Western Digital drives and I was not aware that there were problems with the PiDrive. I've burned one IBM Deskstar (before Hitachi took over), a number of Seagates, 2 Maxtor and 2 Rhodime drives; that took me less than a year (the Maxtor drives took a couple of months to break). All my Western Digital drives have lasted for many years by now. I've had WD since 2007 and they're all still working without problems.
  3. Western Digital PiDrive

    I know that this topic actually concerns all ARM boards, but I've chosen to post in TV-boxes, because they really need some kind of harddisk attachment, especially when used as servers (so you don't wear down the SD-card). Some time ago, Western Digital made a USB-drive, which was specially designed for the Raspberry Pi. Personally I'm using two 1TB WD-blue with my CubieBoard2, because the CubieBoard2 has buit-in S-ATA interface. But TV-boxes usually don't have S-ATA, so the PiDrive is an option worth considering. What's special about this drive ? At a glance, nothing really. It's a USB drive. But ... it's actually designed to use less power than other USB drives. It's also designed with low price in mind. The drives come in 250GB, 314GB, 375GB and 1TB sizes and prices range from 25 Euro to 33 Euro - so I'd recommend a 1TB for 33 Euro.
  4. Armbian for Amlogic S912

    Thank you so much for the update (sorry for my late reply, my PowerMac G5 died so I have been offline for a while). It is always a good idea to make a backup (mirror) of everything before you update. If you're not booting from SD-card, then I think you could mount your file system as read-only, then do a dd copy to a USB drive or SD card. If you're booting from SD-card, then it's easy to make an image from the SD-card using a PC or Mac. On my CubieBoard2, I just do the following ... sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -I never lost any of my settings. (Though on CubieBoard2, I get a message about some updates not installed, which I've been ignoring for a while).
  5. Armbian build farm

    I think I found them on eBay (in the UK): I also searched the best computer-store in Denmark, so if everything else fails, there might be a chance:
  6. Armbian build farm

    I wonder if ESD caused the ethernet port to malfunction; it's little likely that it's the RAM (unless it caused data-corruption, so the configuration got messed up). Anyway, you certainly need more donations! (I just noticed that two torrents seem to be unavaiable; the downloads started, but they stay at 0%: Both are Armbian_5.33_Nanopim3_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.11.12; one desktop, one server -- update: they're started and are downloading).
  7. Armbian build farm

    That's terrible. Is it possible to return them ? If they can't be used in another board / machine, try selling them. (Personally I'll be purchasing some old 16GB DDR3/133MHz/EEC RAM modules later, but it'll have to wait till after I've sent the donation(s)).
  8. Can I use a TV Box as a mini computer?

    Miqi might be a good alternative to a TV-box, because it's already supported by Armbian and it's performing quite well according to what I've read. If you have the same question as the OP of this thread: Can I use a TV-box as a mini computer ? (In particular I'm thinking of @immS here) -Then it might also be worth considering purchasing a 5 year old used PC. You should be able to find a PC that has PCIe, at least 2 SATA connectors, a faster CPU and more and much faster RAM - for approximately the same price! Personally, I'm still looking at TV-boxes, but I'm no longer as blinded by their fake-specs as I were in the beginning.
  9. Armbian for Amlogic S912

    I've been there, but I'm not sure a TV-box is such a good idea; especially not the cheap ones. This is off-topic (this thread is specifically for Armbian on the S912); it would be better to ask the question in a new topic under "TV-Boxes". Instead of replying, I'd like to point you to another thread: Can I use a TV Box as a mini computer?.
  10. Looking for board for nas

    I can't agree more. I'll definitely try this and report back. If this small problem can be fixed, then there's suddenly good use for it.
  11. Armbian build farm

    Personally I prefer to purchase something that I can use in a later machine if possible - but this all depends on how you look at it. If the board is going to be busy doing a lot of work, then some cheaper but not-so-capable modules might be a better overall purchase, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. I've been there a couple of times. It's even worse when a product vanishes completely. Eg. you don't find 2.5" PATA drives everywhere anymore (they're still on eBay). Almost can't purchase them in Denmark from the stores (well you can, but they cost 3 times a SATA drive and there is only one to choose between).
  12. Armbian build farm

    I don't think I'll be able to donate 200 Euro this month, but I'll send an initial donation, so you at least can have an extra cup of coffee or tea. In around a month, I might be able to send a little more, though; in total, it should be able to cover one 16GB module. Hopefully a few others will see this and add to the pool. Looks like a fairly good purchase.
  13. Armbian build farm

    That's great. - now you have a connection faster than mine. That should help quite a bit. That probably means the best way I can contribute is to send a donation (which I've scheduled for the beginning of next month - I wish I could send more, but a small donation can help too). Is it possible for you to add RAM to your build-system - if so, what's the price of the maximum module size that can be added ?
  14. Armbian build farm

    High compression ratio is a good thing when Igor only has a 10Mbit line. I'm very much thinking that optimizing those developer's systems who works with it daily has the highest priority. -Of course, it's important to have a fast build system in general, but everyone have different platforms anyway, so like you say, a long time is a relative term. But if the developers who contribute to git regularly can get a speedup, I think it would help them from avoiding stress and (some) frustration. Does that mean that if I set up my system to use btrfs, that it would affect armbian builds in a negative way ? Answer accepted. If I come up with any other junk-ideas, I'll post them - if just one of them is helpful, it's worth it.
  15. Armbian build farm

    I know Zador mentioned that, but I find that it doesn't hurt much to have tools optimized by default on your daily-work machine - except from that any need for optimization of the compression in the scripts won't be noticable that way.