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Debian stretch vim gpm

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Does anybody ever get a solution for that problem?

In VT trying to mark something via pointer this is not possible while editing in vim

So I do "systemctl restart gpm" and pointer can mark text ........ BUT!

vim switches to "-- VISUAL --' and cannot be used any longer!

With arrow-keys one can go arround but all text is goin to be marked.

You have to press the escape key for quite a long time.

This is XAB    extraordinary   annoying   behavior

I don't know if debian people are not willing to repair that or don's know how to do that.

I did make several reports but just get stupid answers.

Sorry for wanting to use: console AND vim AND gpm

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One should try reportbug - vim-common - and if this ist reported

version (2:8.0.0197-4+deb9u1) in debian stretch you are lost.

Start with apt pinning for

testing: 2:8.1.0549-1 and maybe it would help you.

Vim in debian stretch will not be repaired.

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