How to acestream on armbian

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There is a acestream for armv7 processors here https://github.com/sshmanko/acestream-armv7


And this is how I installed it

cd /tmp
wget https://github.com/sshmanko/acestream-armv7/archive/3.1.30.tar.gz

cd /opt 
sudo tar -zxf /tmp/3.1.30.tar.gz
sudo mv acestream-armv7-3.1.30 acestream
cd acestream

sudo leafpad acestream.conf



under --login, change re.place@me for your mail

under --password change ReplaceMe for your  own password




sudo ./acestream.start


Open this url on your browser



Click "Add Content" to add channel using  their "CONTENT ID" and click "ADD TO PLAYLIST"



When you finish, click on "PLAYLIST URL"


Copy your local address, mine is



if you dont have vlc, install it


sudo apt-get install vlc


and now launch the vlc with the url





To change channel, use N for next and P for frevious



I tried to do it with mpv, but the play list didnt worked as expected, the < and > didnt worked at all 




To know more about acestream, like add it as service













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