Upgrade - Armbian from mainline kernel 4.14.y to the newest kernel

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hello dear all, good day dear Armbian-experts


recently i have managed to get Armbian up and running on a Banana Pi. I was very very glad.

now i am digging deeper into the system and try to learn all the necessary things.



regarding another system:  on orange pi -pc  i want to install armbian -


from this page https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-pc/

i fetch Armbian Stretch
mainline kernel 4.14.y
Server or light desktop usage scenarios.


question: can i upgrade after the installation the system to the newest kernel... ?!?

Is this possible?

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Use armbian-config and switch to dev (or beta, not sure) branch. This ships 4.19 kernel. Do you miss anything special within 4.14? This is a maintained long term kernel btw.

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