Counterfeit sd card detector script

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** EDIT - noise alert - already covered by F3 utility ***


Is there a shell script that one could recommend for newbies that would work similarly to the H2TESTW program?


And if so, should it be included in Armbian - perhaps on a first-run even throwing up a big warning to the op?


Kudos to you guys for putting all that work into SD card knowledge and programming into Armbian in the first place.  In fact, the good engineering of sd card preservation with Armbian is what drew me to it initially.  Heck, for my use case, I may never really need an emmc.


Anyway, I'm just not up on what an up to date alternative to h2testw is these days.


Edit #2:

For kicks, uninstalled ver 6.0 and compiled the latest ver 7.1 from source


f3read, f3write compiled ok, but had to edit the Makefile to get f3probe as a target too.  To get that to work, had to install libudev-dev package, and then it all went well.



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