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  1. Larry Bank liked a post in a topic by peter12 in TV out lower resolution   
    H there, 
    I am using OPi0 TV out. I know, there are hardcoded PAL and NTSC resolutions only. But I would like to ask, if there is any tutorial how to build it up with my own lower resolution e.g. 320x240? (i know I should recompile driver for it but any help where to start is appreciated)
    Many thanks.
  2. peter12 liked a post in a topic by Igor in 5.34 release   
    Due - which was set 4 months ago - is approximately next week. The easiest thing is running script at the due date but nobody would be happy with the outcome

    If you only want to try out, check nightly builds. We plan to rebuild what is stable, while the rest will be put out as automated testing build ... since not ready yet. 
  3. chwe liked a post in a topic by peter12 in Clone/backup bootable microsd card - make as small as possible image   
    Hi there, this very short tutorial is a solution when you need to backup/clone/save as small *.img file as possible of your whole fully bootable system (e.g. you have 8GB card but you want to make smaller system image for 2GB card). And another reason why I created this tutorial - I need to burn the same image to many microsd cards.
    I am using Windows (yup, hate me know)  and Debian in these steps:
    Put your microsd card to Windows machine and make image of card with Win32diskimager. If your card is e.g. 8GB, you get *.img file with the same size (my name backup.img). Now in linux maxine (in my case Debian virtual machine) we are going to work with backup.img file. Run these commands in terminal (if you are not root use sudo at the start of each line) modprobe loop losetup -f losetup /dev/loop0 backup.img partprobe /dev/loop0  
    Run gparted with this command and move slider of main partition to the left to make partition smaller (leave some space, e.g. I left 400MB free space)
    gparted /dev/loop0 Click on Apply once you are happy with it.
    We can unload loopback device now
    losetup -d /dev/loop0  
    With fdisk find out end of last block
    fdisk -l backup.img   
     In my case last block is 3571711 so I run command 
    truncate --size=$[(3571711+1)*512] backup.img  
    Done! Size of your backup.img file should be now about 1.5GB.
    You can burn this new backup.img file to another (or the same) card/s now. In my case I dramatically reduced time needed for burning data to many many cards (it saves hours/days when you need to burn a lot of microsd cards). Enjoy!
    P.S. this can be done also with just Debian, so no need for Windows, in this case you just need to make first step with backup.img with linux command (e.g. dd). And of course you can set up a script on your newly burned card to expand system partition to the whole microsd size during first boot, if needed. 
  4. Igor liked a post in a topic by peter12 in stk1160 identified but not as /dev/video0   
    Hi there, I went through Igor's release and it is now identifing my usb syntek as /dev/video0. Thank you for help!