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  1. No backup needed on my part (but thank you!), my issue was that I was trying to use the eMMC card, once I moved to using the microSD card things started working.
  2. Woohoo, I have a blinky green light I'm booting the RockPi4 dev 5.3 image using a microSD card, I modified armbianEnv.txt adding: fdtfile=rockchip/rk3399-nanopi-m4.dtb rebooted and the green hearbeat status LED started blinking Here is the output from# cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger root@rockpi:~# cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger none kbd-scrolllock kbd-numlock kbd-capslock kbd-kanalock kbd-shiftlock kbd-altgrlock kbd-ctrllock kbd-altlock kbd-shiftllock kbd-shiftrlock kbd-ctrlllock kbd-ctrlrlock mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 timer oneshot disk-activity disk-read disk-write ide-disk [heartbeat] backlight gpio cpu cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 cpu4 cpu5 activity default-on rfkill-any rfkill-none tcpm-source-psy-4-0022-online
  3. I edited my post. I re-burned the image and it is now booting with 5.3 and I am able to ssh into it.
  4. My apologies, I just realized I still had my microSD card (with 4.4) inserted but was trying to boot the 5.3 image using the eMMC slot. I removed the microSD card and re-burned the 5.3 image and it is now booting and I am able to ssh into it.
  5. I'm unable to ssh into the M4v2 board when running the latest RockPi4 dev 5.3 image. I can ping it and I get a reply, but for some reason I can't SSH into it. I get no response with ssh on port 22. Any ideas?
  6. Ah ok, yes I am using 4.4 kernel. I'll try the dev image with the 5.3 kernel.
  7. It looks like rk3399-nanopi-m4.dtb doesn't exist ?
  8. wlanpi@rockpi:~$ cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger cat: /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger: No such file or directory
  9. I was hoping that was it, but I just added that line to the bottom of armbianEnv.txt, rebooted but still no blinky green light :/
  10. I don't get a flashing green light, but it is up, I used an IP scanner and found it on my network and was able to SSH into it. I'm using the Armbian Ubuntu Bionic image for the RockPi4B
  11. Thanks for the info. I switched to Docker and the compiler is running now.
  12. Thanks @belfastraven for testing! I wasn't aware of using the "vagrant" switch, I was setting up vagrant manually following these instructions. I still must be missing something though, I tried repeating your steps and received this. I'm using macOS (Catalina), I'm assuming this method is meant to be done on linux side? | => sudo ./ vagrant ./ line 16: realpath: command not found ./ line 77: systemd-detect-virt: command not found ./ line 180: realpath: command not found [\e[0;32m .... ] Config file does not exist [\e[0;33m userpatches/config-vagrant.conf ] ________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Trying to setup a build environment using vagrant, keep getting the following error. I've deleted everything and started over several times but keep getting stuck here. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? vagrant@ubuntu-bionic:/vagrant$ sudo ./ [ o.k. ] Using config file [ /vagrant/userpatches/config-example.conf ] [ o.k. ] Preparing [ host ] [ o.k. ] Build host OS release [ bionic ] [ o.k. ] Syncing clock [ host ] [ o.k. ] Checking for external GCC compilers [ .... ] downloading using torrent network [ gcc-linaro-aarch64-none-elf-4.8-2013.11_linux.tar.xz ] [ error ] ERROR in function download_and_verify [ ] [ error ] verification failed [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  14. Same here, I've been spinning my wheels an not making any progress :/ @NicoD Have you been able to get the NVMe connector working at least?
  15. I ran into the same issue with the M4v2 hardware, none of the Armbian M4 images will boot on the M4v2 hardware. Thanks for the tip on trying the RockPi4 images, they will at least boot.