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  1. I wanted to share 2 custom overlays I've created and tested for the RockPi E to enable UART1 and OTG via the GPIO. Create file rockchip-uart1.dts /dts-v1/; / { compatible = "rockchip,rk3328"; fragment@0 { target-path = "/serial@ff120000"; __overlay__ { pinctrl-0 = < 0x23 >; status = "okay"; }; }; }; Create file rockchip-otg.dts /dts-v1/; / { compatible = "rockchip,rk3328"; fragment@0 { target-path = "/usb@ff580000"; __overlay__ { dr_mode = "otg"; }; }; }; Install and enable overlays: sudo armbian-add-overlay rockchip-uart1.dts sudo armbian-add-overlay rockchip-otg.dts
  2. I manged to get the USB OTG headers working on the NEO3 by modifying the NanoPi R2S DTB that it is currently using. 2 changes were needed: - Replaced all usb2 references to usb0 - Changed dr_mode for usb@ff580000 from otg to peripheral Modified DTB file attached if anyone else wants to give this a try or has a need for OTG on the NEO3 rk3328-nanopi-neo3-rev00.dtb
  3. I'm trying to build an image that includes armbian-firmware-full by specifying it in lib.config but it fails, I believe it is due to armbian-firmware being installed by default. What is the proper way to build an image with armbian-firmware-full instead of armbian-firmware?
  4. Ok, I narrowed it down a bit, it appears this is specific to the NEO2 Black Armbian image, works fine if I use the NEO2 Armbian image (even on a NEO2 Black board). Using Armbian_20.02.1_Nanopineo2_buster_current_5.4.20 g_ether loads just fine [ 190.883225] g_ether gadget: Ethernet Gadget, version: Memorial Day 2008 [ 190.883234] g_ether gadget: g_ether ready [ 191.258813] g_ether gadget: high-speed config #1: CDC Ethernet (EEM) However, using Armbian_20.02.1_Nanopineo2black_buster_current_5.4.20 I see the following when I try to modprobe g_ether [ 490.490582] udc-core: couldn't find an available UDC - added [g_ether] to list of pending drivers Any ideas why g_ether works fine when using the Nanopineo2 image but not when using the Nanopineo2black image?
  5. Using Armbian_20.02.1 with 5.4 kernel on NEO2 board, I'm running into an issue trying to get the USB OTG working with the g_ether module. When I run modprobe g_ether I see the following in dmesg: [ 490.490582] udc-core: couldn't find an available UDC - added [g_ether] to list of pending drivers I've also tried compiling my own img using the Armbian builder but it looks like all the correct OTG options are already selected by default. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  6. I've been seeing the same issue happening randomly on the NEO2 with kernel 4.19, when I've analyzed the corrupt armbianEnv.txt it was full of what appeared to be output from an apache log. The workaround that @zdroyer provided seems to be working, but would be nice to get to the bottom of this.
  7. No backup needed on my part (but thank you!), my issue was that I was trying to use the eMMC card, once I moved to using the microSD card things started working.
  8. Woohoo, I have a blinky green light I'm booting the RockPi4 dev 5.3 image using a microSD card, I modified armbianEnv.txt adding: fdtfile=rockchip/rk3399-nanopi-m4.dtb rebooted and the green hearbeat status LED started blinking Here is the output from# cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger root@rockpi:~# cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger none kbd-scrolllock kbd-numlock kbd-capslock kbd-kanalock kbd-shiftlock kbd-altgrlock kbd-ctrllock kbd-altlock kbd-shiftllock kbd-shiftrlock kbd-ctrlllock kbd-ctrlrlock mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 timer oneshot disk-activity disk-read disk-write ide-disk [heartbeat] backlight gpio cpu cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 cpu4 cpu5 activity default-on rfkill-any rfkill-none tcpm-source-psy-4-0022-online
  9. I edited my post. I re-burned the image and it is now booting with 5.3 and I am able to ssh into it.
  10. My apologies, I just realized I still had my microSD card (with 4.4) inserted but was trying to boot the 5.3 image using the eMMC slot. I removed the microSD card and re-burned the 5.3 image and it is now booting and I am able to ssh into it.
  11. I'm unable to ssh into the M4v2 board when running the latest RockPi4 dev 5.3 image. I can ping it and I get a reply, but for some reason I can't SSH into it. I get no response with ssh on port 22. Any ideas?
  12. Ah ok, yes I am using 4.4 kernel. I'll try the dev image with the 5.3 kernel.
  13. It looks like rk3399-nanopi-m4.dtb doesn't exist ?
  14. wlanpi@rockpi:~$ cat /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger cat: /sys/class/leds/status_led/trigger: No such file or directory
  15. I was hoping that was it, but I just added that line to the bottom of armbianEnv.txt, rebooted but still no blinky green light :/
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