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    Nazar Gerasymchuk reacted to Christos in QT5 installation in Armbian?   
    Have some H3 boards with the current Armbian level 5.24.
    Need though Qt5..
    Is there any info on how to do this? How to install Qt5 in Armbian?
    (Might be too easy but for some reason I cannot find relevant info)
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    Nazar Gerasymchuk got a reaction from lanefu in Is Mali GPU driver available in Mainline for H3?   
    Sorry if this is silly question, but I can't find any straight-forward documentation on this topic.
    I've seen that Mali drivers was available for older kernel, but what about mainline?
    Asking this especially in context with this finding -- Maxime Ripard's article "Mali OpenGL support on Allwinner platforms with mainline Linux".
    Currently on clean Armbian install on NanoPi Neo Air I can't load mali:
    $ modinfo mali modinfo: ERROR: Module mali not found.  
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    Nazar Gerasymchuk reacted to Igor in Next LTS kernel 4.19.y Allwinner A10, A20, A64, H2+, H3, H5, H6 debugging party   
    Earlier today I pushed a fairy large patchset containing various functional improvements of many boards.  If you have Allwinner board and some spare time:
    1. Build DEV image/kernel with (you need to add EXPERT="yes" to the config to unlock)
    2. Install DEV kernel from beta repository
    Optional Defreeze kernel updates Switch to nightly kernel (armbian-config -> system -> Nightly) Reboot Switch to other kernel (armbian-config -> system -> Other -> DEV)  
    When board came up, do some exploration. Most important information is to find out if there is a regression toward kernel 4.14.y! Then make a test report 
    If you know how to fix certain problems, you are more than welcome! Our resources are tiny and we can't possible fix all problems  
    This topic is a place to discuss how certain problems/bugs can be solved. 
    When reporting a bug, provide logs with: armbianmonitor -u
    - serial gadget console is not working (anywhere?)
    - Pinebook doesn't boot properly
    - Mesa (OS Mali drivers are enabled by default) / WebGL works on Debian based Chromium, fails on Ubuntu
    I checked those:
    Orangepi PC2 (hdmi, dvfs) @tkaiser SBCBENCH:
    ( @hojnikb available frequency steps: 120 MHz, 240 MHz, 480 MHz, 648 MHz, 816 MHz, 960 MHz, 1.01 GHz, 1.06 GHz, 1.10 GHz, 1.15 GHz, 1.20 GHz, 1.22 GHz, 1.25 GHz, 1.30 GHz, 1.34 GHz, 1.37 GHz)  Olinuxino A64 (hdmi, dvfs, wireless, usb, battery) SBCBENCH: tested battery charging/discharging 
    Olimex Teres 1 A64 (hdmi, dvfs, wireless, usb, battery)
    Orangepi Prime SBCBENCH: (once "powered off" during benchmarking at 92C) 
    Orangepi +2e SBCBENCH:
    Orangepi Win SBCBENCH:
    Cubietruck SBCBENCH:
    OrangepiZero +2 H3 SBCBENCH:
    Orangepi One H3 SBCBeNCH:
    Orangepi Lite H3
    Nanopi Neo2 (with NAS
    Orangepi Zero H2+
    Nanopi Air
    With problems:
    Confirmed working:
    Neo2 v1.1 512MB Neo2 v1.1 1GB Pine64 Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H5 Nanopi Duo Orangepi R1
    Nanopi Neo Core 2 LTS Nano Pi Neo Plus2 Tritium H3 and H5 Orange Pi Zero Plus Bananapi M1  
    For now.

    Do you want to become a (Allwinner) board maintainer? Duties:
    - responsible for content at the download page,
    - running latests updates and managing bug list there.