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  1. Indeed after a fresh checkout things got better and now I can build ok the supported items in build system. The problem is that jessie build bails out with error, though as @Igor said, the 3.4.113 can still be compiled with xenial and the 19.08 branch (for as long as it does..) A minor but time consuming task is that whenever we have to make a new fresh checkout, it takes so many hours to re-download all the cached components specifically the toolchains and thats a real bummer. Thanks for your hints.
  2. It was from a checkout a few months back, in June, though from what I know and see, the build script perform any update required. Will do tomorrow a full clean new checkout and report back.
  3. Thank you @count-doku , @Igor It seems though that the problem here might be more than just jessie or 3.4.113. Please have a look at the logs posted above and on those following My Armbian build host is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 (x64) Tried a few builds with the mainline kernel, Strech and Ubuntu, all of them gave error Armbian build for (AllWinner H3) OPiPC, Mainline kernel, Debian 9 Strech, Server/console, full os image Setting up libsasl2-modules-db:armhf (2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-3+deb9u1) ... Setting up libsasl2-2:armhf (2.1.27~101-g07806
  4. Hi @Igor Thanks for answering. The platform I use is OPiPC and I do indeed need the 3.4.113. Tried every possible combination, (with BUILD_TAG or without, server or desktop etc) of either debian or ubuntu with the default/legacy 3.4.113. It looks that all of them during build do stop with the exact same message Reading state information... E: Unable to locate package armbian-firmware E: Unable to locate package mmc-utils [ error ] ERROR in function create_rootfs_cache [ ] [ error ] Installation of Armbian packages failed [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  5. Hi @guidol @Igor It has been a while since I did a build and did not notice this change. My environment relies on jessie thus I compile with this. sudo ./ SET_EXPERT=yes RELEASE=jessie When tried a build got these errors during compile Err jessie-backports/main armhf Packages 404 Not Found [IP: ::1 3142] Err jessie-backports/contrib armhf Packages 404 Not Found [IP: ::1 3142] Err jessie/main armhf Packages 404 Not Found [IP: ::1 3142] Err http://httpredir.
  6. Ok @Igor I understand that it might be time to get a bit modern, though things that I need are STILL not working with mainline/next/dev.. (and I do not know if they ..ever.. gonna work properly). Thanks anyway.
  7. @Igor Unfortunately, it produced an error, new build, legacy, Xenial desktop/console [ warn ] * [l][c] remove-boot-messages-from-hdmi.patch [ failed ] Are you sure it works or am I missing something?
  8. Hi, Tried a new Armbian build for OPiPC today, legacy (3.4.113) and seen that only Debian 9 is available (not showing Debian 8), so build fails since Debian 9 cannot work with legacy. So, is Armbian dropping legacy kernels (3.4.113) on Debian? Need Debian 8 console/server with legacy, so what can I do ? [ error ] ERROR in function source [ ] [ error ] Building Debian Stretch images with selected kernel is not supported [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  9. Thanks @Igor I guess that stops the running boot text. Is there a way to show instead a splash image on HDMI screen during uboot ?
  10. Hi, Can someone help me on how we can set a uBoot splash screen (with a .bmp) instead of the running boot text? Need this in a OPiPC, legacy (3.4.113). Any help is welcome. Christos
  11. Ok, thanks @Igor Are there any recommended dongles for legacy 3.4.113 ? Any that tested/work ok?
  12. Thanks @WarHawk_AVG Unfortunately could not setup a hotspot in OPiPC using the armbian-config. Tried to use various usb/wifi dongles and with none that I used got any results. Also, I bought one of the specified in the download page as supported, the Comfast with RTL8811AU chipset. OPiPC runnning latest 5.51 Debian (8) legacy kernel 3.4.113 simply does not even recognizes it for use as client. Not creating the wlan0 device at all. ___ ____ _ ____ ____ / _ \ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___ | _ \(_) | _ \ / ___
  13. Hi, Got Debian (8) legacy 3.4.113 server/console and would like to setup a WiFi hotspot. (latest Armbian build 5.51) Seen two methods in Armbian docs 1. -> and via armbian_config in 2. -> So I'm a bit buffled about it. Got some questions Got a RTL8188CUS is it suported nowadays? or should I get a specific other one? Do I need to have i
  14. @Igor @guidol Ooops, in the latest 5.51 it looks we cannot remove only unattended-upgrades, if doing so we also lose the most useful armbian-config amongst others (armbian-config python3-software-properties software-properties-common) So, we cannot remove only unattended-upgrades? If so, if we set to "0" all options in 02-armbian-periodic, is it the same and no unattended upgrade will ever happen? ___ ____ _ ____ ____ / _ \ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___ | _ \(_) | _ \ / ___| | | | | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ | |_) |