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  1. Ok @Igor , thanks for the answer. I know and understand, no worries. I've seen that the 'legacy' works just fine and it gives me the features that I need, eg to have the ability to create and test my own driver additions and overlays in a well proven way that is universal in all Armbian images. Thanks again.
  2. Just did another build with the 'Legacy' kernel v4.4.213 (instead of the 'current' that I did previously) and the /boot/dtb/overlay folder exists. Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Tinkerboard_focal_legacy_4.4.213_xfce_desktop.img So, in new 5.x Tinkerboard kernels, by choosing 'current' there is no /boot/dtb/overlay folder but exist in legacy kernel 4.4.213. Is that 'by design' or is simply the build system broken for Tinkerboard with 5.x kernel ?
  3. Hi, New build, Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Tinkerboard_focal_current_5.10.22_xfce_desktop.img. The build finished ok and the image after flashing is working just fine, but.. unfortunately there is no /boot/dtb/overlay folder and of course none and its .dtbo entries are found anywere. Am I missing something ? Is the latest build system broken for Tinkerboard ? Do I need to specify something during the build process menu ? /PS Just checked with the Armbian ready-made provided image for Tinkerboard, the Armbian_21.02.1_Tinkerboard
  4. Hi @nikkov Although quite more than a year old thread but it looks that I also stumbled on that problem too. Terrible phase noise of the produced bitclock in all samplerates tested (48/96/192KHz). Attached the relevant oscilloscope screenshot. It seems that this bitclock phase instability, jitter, creates problems in codec/DAC/ADC parts that have internal PLL and the outcome in my case is a bit of audible noise during play. Tested the same board/hardware with a RPi and it works ok, but with OPiPC and latest Armbian with kernel 5.10.8 is having this audible output noi
  5. When running this sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/clk/clk_summary I get the list of clocks and the specific interest is in these pll-audio-base 0 0 0 24576000 50000 0 50000 pll-audio-8x 0 0 0 49152000 50000 0 50000 i2s1 0 0 0 49152000 50000 0 50000 pll-audio-4x 0 0 0 24576000 50000 0 50000 i2s0 0 0 0 2457600
  6. Hi @jeanrhum For my case I wanted to examine the running DT so I executed dtc -I fs -O dts /proc/device-tree which was segfault in Debian. The plain decompile of a specific dtb works though eg dtc -I dtb -O dts /boot/dtb/sun8i-h3-orangepi-pc.dtb My kernel in both Debian and Ubuntu is the same 'current', 5.10.8 Christos
  7. Hi @Igor @jeanrhum Just seen this thread, I also tried to decompile DT on a H3 OPiPC running Armbian (21.02) Got exactly that behavior first a bunch of warnings and then segfault, on Debian builds desktop or console. On Ubuntu Focal it was giving the warnings too but at the end it decompiled successfully and showing the dts. Just letting you know if you still going on with this project. Christos
  8. Hi, Need to interface a multichannel codec to an OPiPC, having 8 channels out and 6 channels in. So trying to find any example of an overlay for H3 with TDM usage on simple-audio-card giving more than 2 channels in/out. Seen that the latest i2s driver for H3 (sun2i-i2s.c) does support TDM (DSP_A/DSP_B) but did not found any relevant overlay for H3 so far. Any help is appreciated. Christos
  9. Thanks @Igor , I thought based on what you said that there is some other method with armbian-config, ok no worries. I got it now, it seems that the remove auto login service is a one-off, so it runs once after 10mins and removes the auto login and it never runs again so if we put again back the deleted file everything will be ok. Thanks again Christos
  10. Ohh.. ok @Igor, So its not a gremlin :-)) It got really weird but now its explained, thanks. So, what is the appropriate procedure if someone wants to have the autologin always enabled? You mentioned armbian-config but I could not find any relevant option there to use, could it be removed at some time or should I look better?
  11. Thanks @Igor Hmm.. file (22-armbian-autologin.conf) looks not present now christos@orangepipc:/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d$ ls -l total 4 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 110 Jan 15 18:39 11-armbian.conf christos@orangepipc:/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d$ I added the file manually with the indicated contents and now it does work and autologin is ok. Did though a new install and seen that the specific autologin config file is there present.. I'm gonna use another microsd just in case, it a first to have such issue (using SanDisk A1 16GB) but who knows. T
  12. Hi, Just did a new armbian build Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Orangepipc_buster_current_5.10.6_desktop and flashed the image. It works ok but after some reboot times the auto login to desktop is not working anymore and it prompts for user login. Tried quite a few times to re-install but always after a few shutdown and start again cycles it reverts to login prompt and not auto login. Also tried to find a solution in the forum but the files and config involved in previous solutions is no longer valid in the newer builds (/usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf
  13. Indeed after a fresh checkout things got better and now I can build ok the supported items in build system. The problem is that jessie build bails out with error, though as @Igor said, the 3.4.113 can still be compiled with xenial and the 19.08 branch (for as long as it does..) A minor but time consuming task is that whenever we have to make a new fresh checkout, it takes so many hours to re-download all the cached components specifically the toolchains and thats a real bummer. Thanks for your hints.
  14. It was from a checkout a few months back, in June, though from what I know and see, the build script perform any update required. Will do tomorrow a full clean new checkout and report back.
  15. Thank you @count-doku , @Igor It seems though that the problem here might be more than just jessie or 3.4.113. Please have a look at the logs posted above and on those following My Armbian build host is Ubuntu Bionic 18.04 (x64) Tried a few builds with the mainline kernel, Strech and Ubuntu, all of them gave error Armbian build for (AllWinner H3) OPiPC, Mainline kernel, Debian 9 Strech, Server/console, full os image Setting up libsasl2-modules-db:armhf (2.1.27~101-g0780600+dfsg-3+deb9u1) ... Setting up libsasl2-2:armhf (2.1.27~101-g07806