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  1. dogshome

    NanoPi M4 and overheating running BOINC

    Copper shims make about 15C difference :-)
  2. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    RE PSU: I'm using an official raspberry pi 5.2V supply through a micro USB to C adapter. This does not get warm. voltage on the board is over 5.1V under load and with an external 2.5" HDD. I've got a tiny 5v to 12V PCB to use a 3.5" 4TB drive I have sitting about. 12v load is low, but I'll be watching the 5V rail when I try it. It's quite a chunky HDD!
  3. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    Thank you. I had to use Alsa again for some reason to get sound again. Most times it now boots with sound, occasionally it doesn't and I have to use m key in Alsa.
  4. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    Cable and bench-friendly heatsink.
  5. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    Solved! Some software problem..... I tried another amp and lead and no difference. So I opened alsa mixer and started fiddling. I don't know exactly what happened, but my meddling with the M key and enabling everything from left to right and I have clean stereo audio. I tried selecting things individually (or in stereo pairs) with no success. In desperation I just turned everything on in sequence and now it works. Not touching it any more! Didn't know about it or touch it after install I promise P.S. Heatpad confirmed as NVG (Not Very Good!). I'm using 2 * 1mm copper spacers, thermal compound and thin fibre washers under the PCB on the mounting points. Two 1mm spacers would put too much bend on the PCB otherwise. A fan is required as the heatsink has a long thermal inertia, but eventually reaches 55C or more. Gelid silent 50mm fan on 5V is almost inaudible and results in ~35C Maximum. A 30mm fan would be enough.
  6. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    Meaning the 3.5mm jack. Thanks for this - I may have a faulty board. Might try another amp though in case it doesn't like mine. The opi and my pc are happy with it, but it is home / kit build class d and there could be some unwanted interaction. Ta!
  7. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    I guess it's a question of time then? Bluetooth also doesn't work now I've tried it (to use that for sound). Not investigated or searched much for that yet though.
  8. dogshome

    NanoPI M4

    Hi guys, I've had good fun with the Orange Pi plus, learnt something about Linux and re-learned some electronics. The limitations of the Orange are now clear - although I've had my money's worth from it. Time for an upgrade and the Nano Pi M4 does the job. It works very well on an A2 rated SD card and 5.2V PSU. Installing packages on Armbian has been successful so far. USB 3 is great on an SBC and I would like to boot from that in the future once someone with better qualifications has solved that. The only trouble I am having is with sound. Both sound sinks are visible in the desktop app with the sound level bar dancing around as expected. I can see various options in mixer. removing mute on the appropriate channel gets audio (AV socket) but is horribly distorted. Friendly OS gives sound, but in a humorous s.l.ow.e.d... way which also hangs everything else. Turning off sound makes the other apps respond normally. I am used to Armbian now anyway. I think this is a driver problem, but can't find any info or help around (yet). This thread being the closest.... Anyone else had issues with AV sound on this board? I don't have an HDMI to try without dabbling round the back of the telly (which is on the wall!). It's also not 1080p and that caused issues on the previous SBC.