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  1. Hi, The NVMe SSD Adapter/HAT for M4 has a fan connector. (https://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=262)
  2. mindee

    M4 camera

    FriendlyElec will release a new ROM, it can use dual/single MIPI camera, or USB UVC camera on Ubuntu Desktop, about 1-2 weeek.
  3. Hi,NicoD, What ROM do you use? Armbian or FriendlyDesktop and version? And what & how games do you test? Thank you
  4. I think the manufacturing cost is not so high, I am not sure for that now. The NEO4 use a differencet PCIe connector, it’s not a easy thing to fit both with one HAT, considering the signal quality.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, we made a SATA HAT prototype for NanoPi M4, it can connect with 4x 3.5inch hard drive and work well.
  6. Thanks for your testing on NanoPC-T4, this would be very helpful for someone who want to know about the NVME SSD real performance on RK3399 boards.
  7. I recommend NanoPi K1 Plus, it use the 64-bit SoC Allwinner H5, and has 2GB RAM, GigE, WiFi, and can run Android 7.1, Armbian(WIP), Ubuntu Core etc, price is $39. It can play 4K video very smoothly under Android 7.1, with IR remoter is better for Android TV
  8. Thanks for your testing, this would be very helpful for many end-use.r Want to know the USB 3.0 speed.
  9. We(FriendlyElec) can do it. The MOQ is 1000pcs using RK3399, but the engineer fee is $6000, or 1BTC(price is valid within 1 month) , Sample time is 6-7 weeks, you will get 3 samples. if your order is more than 6000pcs in 12 months. The engineer fee can be returned in the last order.
  10. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    Just a little bit list, more detail would be done on wiki soon. 1. NEO4 board size is 45 x 56mm, but M4 is 85 x 56mm 2. NEO4 has 1GB DDR3 RAM with single chanel, But M4 has two version 2GB DDR3 RAM/4G LPDDR3 RAM with Dual Chanel. 3. NEO4 will use AP6212 wireless module with single antenna , but M4 use AP6356S dual-band module, and use 2x2 MIMO and 2 real antennas. 4. NEO4 has one MIPI-CSI, M4 has two MIPI-CSI 5. NEO4 has USB3.0 x1 & USB 2.0 x1, but M4 has USB 3.0 x4 behind a VL817 internal hub. 6. NEO4 use 1.27mm pitch SMD connector for GPIO-40 pinout, M4 is same with RPi3 40pin GPIO. Both have: 1. PCIe x2 pin-out 2. eMMC module connector 3. GigE port. 4. TypeC is for power supply and OTG. 5. HDMI-A & MicroSD slot. 6. Big CNC heat sink, with two side 1/4 screw hole
  11. mindee

    NanoPI M4

    Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll check that.
  12. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    NEO4 would be available in Sep.
  13. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    Not the final version. Update(8/24/2018): It's time to deal with NEO4, this picture is not the final version. NEO4 will have PCIe x2 and eMMC connector too, and a MIPI-CSI. But the dual-layer USB connector will share USB 3.0 & USB 2.0, Type-C take another USB 3.0.
  14. mindee

    NanoPI M4

    Working on NanoPi M4 these days, almost done, Here is the other side(not final version), would be available in August, price is $79/99 (2GB/4GB RAM).
  15. mindee

    NanoPI M4

    NanoPi-M4 is RK3399 based too, just no eMMC on board, and no so many interface as NanoPC-T4 So a little lower cost.
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