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  1. Hi, The NVMe SSD Adapter/HAT for M4 has a fan connector. (https://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=262)
  2. FriendlyElec will release a new ROM, it can use dual/single MIPI camera, or USB UVC camera on Ubuntu Desktop, about 1-2 weeek.
  3. Hi,NicoD, What ROM do you use? Armbian or FriendlyDesktop and version? And what & how games do you test? Thank you
  4. I think the manufacturing cost is not so high, I am not sure for that now. The NEO4 use a differencet PCIe connector, it’s not a easy thing to fit both with one HAT, considering the signal quality.
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, we made a SATA HAT prototype for NanoPi M4, it can connect with 4x 3.5inch hard drive and work well.
  6. Thanks for your testing on NanoPC-T4, this would be very helpful for someone who want to know about the NVME SSD real performance on RK3399 boards.
  7. I recommend NanoPi K1 Plus, it use the 64-bit SoC Allwinner H5, and has 2GB RAM, GigE, WiFi, and can run Android 7.1, Armbian(WIP), Ubuntu Core etc, price is $39. It can play 4K video very smoothly under Android 7.1, with IR remoter is better for Android TV
  8. Thanks for your testing, this would be very helpful for many end-use.r Want to know the USB 3.0 speed.
  9. We(FriendlyElec) can do it. The MOQ is 1000pcs using RK3399, but the engineer fee is $6000, or 1BTC(price is valid within 1 month) , Sample time is 6-7 weeks, you will get 3 samples. if your order is more than 6000pcs in 12 months. The engineer fee can be returned in the last order.
  10. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    Just a little bit list, more detail would be done on wiki soon. 1. NEO4 board size is 45 x 56mm, but M4 is 85 x 56mm 2. NEO4 has 1GB DDR3 RAM with single chanel, But M4 has two version 2GB DDR3 RAM/4G LPDDR3 RAM with Dual Chanel. 3. NEO4 will use AP6212 wireless module with single antenna , but M4 use AP6356S dual-band module, and use 2x2 MIMO and 2 real antennas. 4. NEO4 has one MIPI-CSI, M4 has two MIPI-CSI 5. NEO4 has USB3.0 x1 & USB 2.0 x1, but M4 has USB 3.0 x4 behind a VL817 internal hub. 6. NEO4 use 1.27mm pitch SMD connector for GPIO-40 pinout, M4 is same with RPi3 40pin GPIO. Both have: 1. PCIe x2 pin-out 2. eMMC module connector 3. GigE port. 4. TypeC is for power supply and OTG. 5. HDMI-A & MicroSD slot. 6. Big CNC heat sink, with two side 1/4 screw hole
  11. Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll check that.
  12. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    NEO4 would be available in Sep.
  13. mindee

    NanoPi NEO4

    Not the final version. Update(8/24/2018): It's time to deal with NEO4, this picture is not the final version. NEO4 will have PCIe x2 and eMMC connector too, and a MIPI-CSI. But the dual-layer USB connector will share USB 3.0 & USB 2.0, Type-C take another USB 3.0.
  14. Working on NanoPi M4 these days, almost done, Here is the other side(not final version), would be available in August, price is $79/99 (2GB/4GB RAM).
  15. NanoPi-M4 is RK3399 based too, just no eMMC on board, and no so many interface as NanoPC-T4 So a little lower cost.
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