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  1. Nanopi T3 rt-preempt patch made the system can't boot. i have use patch-4.14.93-rt53.patch. use this patch made system cannot boot...
  2. i find use Guvcview can open the camera. but the cheese cannot. and my soft cannot too... it's so strange...
  3. I wanna use tinker board to work with logitech c930e camera. when i use cheese to open camera in tinker board. it's just show one black picture, and the camera light is on. before i had use the nanopi m4 to work with the logitech c930e. it's working good. and m4 create /dev/video0 , /dev/video1. but tinker board just create /dev/video0, so i think it maybe inside kernel have some option not open. but i don't know which need open. i'm not good at kernel. can give me some help? thanks a lot
  4. I had backup all emmc of m4. after i restore the emmc. the two device have same mac address. eth0 and wlan0 all is same. how to change the mac address of wlan0? i try many way to change it. all don't work. i need some help i had try direct setting the Networking manager, to let it have random mac address. but don't work. i had try use /sbin/ifconfig to setting it, still don't work...
  5. Thank you for you help, and I find the reason => my usb storange have my old tinker board system inside. thus the system don't mount it... it's same reason when i boot system from the sd card thesystem will don't mount the emmc. little bit strange...
  6. The Armbian_5.59_Tinkerboard_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.67_desktop system working on tinker board s cannot automount the storange. but on tinker board working very good... so strange... any help?
  7. I had use QML to made some soft, and when i move those soft to Tinkerboard, it's Incredibly slowly... have any idea to fix this? did tinkerboard had open gpu acceleration? do i must change back to use QtWidget?
  8. but M3 img cannot write the img to the eMMC. if do it, the board will cannot boot...
  9. Yes, you are right. i use M3's img run on my board, it's can work... but my board is T3 Plus...
  10. it is have possible have two version nanopc t3 plus?
  11. new boot error log is:
  12. PSU = 4A SD card = Samsung EVO32GB
  13. i have buy another nanopc t3 plus and new sd card. without pluging anything. still same error. can not boot
  14. i don't know. feel strange。 i use FriendlyElec ‘s img work good. but armbian cannot work. maybe my board have some problem?
  15. still cannot, this is log: