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  1. I don't know clockworkmod (rather only in Android Recovery context to which you're obviously not referring). But google for "wvdial" or "modemmanager", depending on your HW you don't even need this. wvdial is shell based, while modemmanager integrates into the GUI with NetworkManager (don't know which repo you are using, or whether it's available in Armbian repos at all!). On the other hand if you're not scared by the shell you could also achieve the same using chatscripts and pppd which are very legacy linux packages. Some of the sticks, like the E3372 will even provide you a network interface which will not require any serial/QMI/WMI handling. Plug it on, use your browser to configure it (eg. navigate to or similar) by entering APN + PIN code, ready. They can even run on a mobile charger and provide a WLAN-AP....