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    dony71 got a reaction from guidol in pcm5102 dac not showing on armbian 5.65 [SOLVED]   
    You have to modify config PCM5102A like below on  cache\source\linux-mainline\v4.14.84\sound\soc\codecs\Kconfig
    config SND_SOC_PCM5102A
        tristate "Texas Instruments PCM5102A CODEC - I2S"
    then replace config-default.conf with attached
    With this conf, script compilation will stop to overwrite kernel source to build patch
    At that time, overwrite original Kconfig with the one you modified above
    Then script compilation will stop again to ask whether you want to add pcm5102a to compile
    Default is N, so you need to enter m for module compilation
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    dony71 got a reaction from Igor in Banana Pi M2plus & inboard wifi [solved]   
    This is it !!!
    Thank you for your support
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    dony71 reacted to Igor in Banana Pi M2plus & inboard wifi [solved]   
    I just checked again and it's working, also with stock config and connecting to AP. There is a typo / syntax error in one of the guides. This is correct way:
    echo 'options dhd op_mode=2' >/etc/modprobe.d/ap6212.conf I guess this is the problem ? 
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    dony71 got a reaction from Igor in could not connect to wicd's d-bus interface   
    yeap, it's working
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    dony71 got a reaction from Igor in How to build my own image or kernel?   
    yeah, repo down
    now is ok
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    dony71 reacted to zador.blood.stained in mount hdd   
    If you create directory for mounting in /tmp and add an entry to fstab, then after reboot your directory in /tmp will not be there and your fstab entry will be incorrect.
    If you create directory on SD (i.e. in /media or /mnt), as long as your HDD is mounted, writing to HDD won't produce writes to SD card.
    "mounting" operation itself may update access time on directory (which results in small write to SD) but in Armbian rootfs is mounted with "noatime,nodiratime" options, so it won't try to update access time in this case.