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  1. It went through paypal at last.
  2. I did try to donate today few time without success. First there was insufficient amount on the card and the I did remove site private protection in firefox, and also enhanced tracking protection (the chield on the left side of the url: bar, still no success. Must be something else, will try again to morrow.
  3. EUREKA! Thank you balbes150 and Panzerknaker - did make my third donatian to armbian through paypal. It did boot successfully from the sd card after - => sf erase 0 0x200000 What is the best way for one to get himself familiar with memory address management. To know offsett and size of memory addresses. It is a bit a Hebrew to me and probably most others. This is a good source of information about practical use of u-boot commands, with examples and explanations. https://www.
  4. How can one erase the spi with the u-boot command "sf"? Some other useful hardware spesific u-boot info here Did, => sf erase 0 0x200000 SF: 2097152 bytes @ 0x0 Erased: OK =>
  5. I did use your image Armbian_20.11_Arm-64_bullseye_current_5.10.0-rc4.img.xz and it did work perfectly (hdmi through kvm switch and everything else) as a desktop before the compiling and flashing the spi.
  6. Did only change verbosity=7 in armbianEnv.txt on the SD card and the connections are all normal except the hdmi is connected to the Benq 24" through kvm switch I was just interesting in learning about SPI booting process and u-boot in general. The device is just used for the purpose of expanding the knowledge of the technology that is shaping the modern world. So there is no special stress factor involved.
  7. Might try that. If there is nothing on the SPI will that force booting up from SD and is it possible to flash the spi through the gpio pins afterward in case if the spi boot is needed?
  8. I did not copy bl31.elf src dir consciously to the spi. It must still contain the original from It might be some Chinese "protection" because it is bought as a industrial board. What is the purpose of bl31.elf - is it similar to mbr (before the arm embedded revolution)? The boot order of Rockship (rk3399) is problematic - should be CPU-SD-emmc Actually you and balbes150 are by far much more advanced than I am.
  9. Using the 4 pin debug (close to usb-C) on the board connected to usb adapter (not the GPIO pins) connected to odroid-n2. Are you talking about more options through the GPIO pins and a USB adapter like this one,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ Did fallow fallowing instructions from page 8 on this tread and that must
  10. Armbian 20.11.6 Bullseye - armbianEnv.txt - verbosity=7
  11. Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Station-p1_bullseye_current_5.9.16_xfce_desktop.img.xz = yellow screen (etcher) Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Station-p1_buster_current_5.9.16_xfce_desktop.img.xz = yellow screen (etcher) Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Station-p1_buster_current_5.10.5_xfce_desktop.img.xz = Starting kernel ... (etcher) Armbian_20.11.6_Station-p1_bullseye_current_5.9.14.img = yellow screen (dd)
  12. and extlinux.conf The boot directory (/BOOT partition)
  13. Yes, this is the board. Did try bot suggestions balbes150 and PanzerKnacker Can not see it on the network with sudo nmap -sn
  14. Taking out ,0xff1a0000 did get the kernel further, now it stops at the yellow screen (still the red indication light). The model is roc-rk3399-pc-plus (
  15. Taking out ,0xff1a0000 did get the kernel further, now it stops at the yellow screen. The model is roc-rk3399-pc-plus (
  16. The HDMI output hangs at Starting the kernel.... And the indication light is constant red. How does one make the output more verbose in extlinux - can not see it here ?
  17. Somehow the kernel hangs on - Starting kernel ...
  18. It is still the same u-boot messages. When booting the roc-rk3399-pc-plus board, there is immediately red light and this message; Maybe related to this issue from here commented on Nov 24, 2020 @om26er fwiw, I have an overlay that puts a file in /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf. As @madisongh mentioned cboot's handling of ext4 is pretty primitive so if you go this route in your do_install you'll want something like the below so cboot can read it ok dd if=/dev/zero of=./extlinux.conf bs=1 count=1 seek=4095 st
  19. Thank you balbes150 This is the output from u-boot And this is extlinux.conf The image is - Armbian_20.11_Arm-64_focal_current_5.10.0-rc4.img ps. Have not studied extlinux yet
  20. Unable to boot the kernel through extlinux script - here is the output from u-boot There are two things that concern me. This error message at the beginning. And the extlinux.conf. Any idea how to boot SD from u-boot using extlinux (or u-boot command prompt)?
  21. How does one use the u-boot command prompt commands to boot up from a sd card (or usb)?